German Shepherd Rescue

Hello! If you are interested in adopting a dog from us, you will need to have a home check performed before you can take one of our dogs home with you, or we will accept proof of a successful homecheck performed by another rescue at your current residence. Please complete the form below so that we have your details for reference, and so that we can also start the process of arranging a date that is suitable for us to come and visit you in your home, if necessary.  If you have already had a homecheck performed in your current residence, please state this in the 'Other Info' section in the adoption form - and by which rescue so that we can verify it with them.

Please note: we rely on volunteers to perform homechecks and it may take us a short while to find someone. If you change your mind in the meantime, or you rehome a dog from elsewhere or decide you are no longer interested, please let us know. Thank you.

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