German Shepherd Rescue

Age: 2.5 years
Neutered: Yes

Bella is a GSD x Mallinois.This is a summary of the write-up provided about her.... When Bella first arrived at rescue, she was a little wary of new situations especially during vet checks but as she settled, she has grown in confidence. Bella has received very little previous training and lacks manners( eg:, pull and zig zag when being walked on lead). Bella displays reactivity towards traffic and does have anxiety about travelling. Bella can be reactive towards some strangers such as workmen and children on scooters if they are behaving in a loud or animated manner. However this reactivity has not been seen towards cyclists. Bella is under socialised with other dogs . However, since being in foster she has been living with other dogs and not shown any aggression and it is more just a case of nervous behaviour as she is scared! Bella can also be nervous/reactive around traffic - but this is improving all the time. She would, however, be suited to a more rural/quiet location. Bella will also need continuing house and obedience training - to which she has currently responded well and is learning her basic commands. She loves toys and playing with a ball. Bella would not be suitable in a home with small furries as she likes to chase squirrels and other wildlife. Bella is food motivated. She also loves her toys and has a strong ball drive. Bella loves interacting with people and is very affectionate and enjoys being stroked. Bella is a highly intelligent and active dog who needs to be kept mentally and physically stimulated.
For more details and enquiries please contact Lyn on 07714 854790

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